Mahia te mahi

Christmas approaches and like Santa I need to deliver on time.   Two months into the writing schedule and I’m slow to catch up. Creative writing had a hiatus because I had three university assignments due in October that couldn’t wait. The delay was draining, humbling and yet weirdly it made me feel special.   […]

Engineering Language

The co-existence of career and writing.   I want to be writing. Instead I’m helping my colleague Tumbleweed lay-up carbon fibre. It’s an icky, sticky, process that involves gluing layers of the stuff and squishing the whole lot into a mould. There’s never quite enough space. We’re saved from cracking heads purely by the fact that […]

What Happens After You’ve Written A Novel…

Te Papa Tupu writer Ashlee Sturme explores the feelings that come after completing a manuscript and realising that the journey has only just begun..     Yay! I wrote a book! Cue the celebrations! Pour the champers, order in takeout, light candles and let us dance! I am done, I am done! Well, it’s not a book […]

The Eldest Girl Puts Herself First

Putting yourself first is about taking care of yourself and creating a pathway to fulfil your goals. It doesn’t mean you’re ignoring the needs of others. When your needs are met and you feel good, it is easier to give back to others. Olivia Aroha Giles shares her story and how she put herself first […]

Greetings From Kororāreka

It’s been three weeks since the first Te Papa Tupu wānanga in Te Whanganui-ā-Tara where Jade met her mentor Simon Minto, and the other writers and mentors on the programme. Jade reflects on this past week and her work/life/writing balance.   It’s 8pm on a Thursday evening, and I’m sitting on the floor of a […]

Paving The New Future

Chances are you’ve been lost in limbo at some point on your writing journey and an opportunity to take a step forward has presented itself. To be considered, you have to put your writing out there but you’re terrified it will be rejected, you’ll be rejected. This is how writer Ashlee Sturme was feeling when […]

You Don’t Look Like A Māori

It was January, 2011. I had spent the past decade living in Tokyo and was visiting my mother in Whanganui over the summer. Although Japan has amazing cuisine, arguably the best in the world (Tokyo has the highest number of Michelen starred restaurants), I often craved New Zealand food. On my first day back, Mum […]

Coin Toss

I’m not a nautical person but that never stopped me taking to the sea. When I was a kid my stepfather had one of those tin boats that sat so low in the water the waves used to slosh over the side and mix together with the guts and blood of the fish, tainting the […]

An Epic Haerenga

My heart rose into my chest, and my throat dried out as my finger hovered over the “submit” button. It was taunting me. I pressed my finger on the mouse, not realising I had been holding my breath until I was forced to exhale. I smiled to myself as the confirmation of submission flashed up […]