All day long I think about writing

Kia ora koutou! Ko J. (Jared) Wiremu Kane tōku ingoa and I’m humbled and honoured that you’ve chosen to share in my Te Papa Tupu journey. Over the next six months, I’ll be working with the singular James George on a manuscript currently called (the title is still up for debate) ‘King’s Crossing: A novel’. […]

There’s No Room For Imposter Syndrome Here

Just before I went through the security gates at the airport, I remember turning to my husband. “I can’t do this,” I told him, panic lacing its way through my voice. “Yes you can. Off you go!” he said cheerfully. He’s ever optimistic, positive to a fault at times.  The fear and doubt clawed in […]

Standing on the edge

Ashlee sets her intentions for 2021 and reflects on her Te Papa Tupu journey and the second workshop held in Auckland last month.     Oh, the joys of a new year – that heady feeling of a fresh start, new opportunities, the desire to be better, do better. Resolutions and reflections that may or may […]

The heartbreak of trying to shoe horn in the research

Olivia explores the past and what life was like for Māori communities, including her own whānau, to help to develop her story.  My book has two timelines, one is the 1960’s – 70’s and the other is 2010. It is the story of a family and how events from the past reverberate through time. To […]

Reading, Writing, Reflecting

As our rōpū approaches the second Te Papa Tupu workshop and Jade gets closer to her goal of a completed (first draft of a) manuscript, she reflects on reading, research and making space for writing. It feels super meta to be writing about writing, but I’ve been doing so much substantial, immersive writing working on […]

Mahia te mahi

Christmas approaches and like Santa I need to deliver on time.   Two months into the writing schedule and I’m slow to catch up. Creative writing had a hiatus because I had three university assignments due in October that couldn’t wait. The delay was draining, humbling and yet weirdly it made me feel special.   […]

Engineering Language

The co-existence of career and writing.   I want to be writing. Instead I’m helping my colleague Tumbleweed lay-up carbon fibre. It’s an icky, sticky, process that involves gluing layers of the stuff and squishing the whole lot into a mould. There’s never quite enough space. We’re saved from cracking heads purely by the fact that […]

What Happens After You’ve Written A Novel…

Te Papa Tupu writer Ashlee Sturme explores the feelings that come after completing a manuscript and realising that the journey has only just begun..     Yay! I wrote a book! Cue the celebrations! Pour the champers, order in takeout, light candles and let us dance! I am done, I am done! Well, it’s not a book […]

The Eldest Girl Puts Herself First

Putting yourself first is about taking care of yourself and creating a pathway to fulfil your goals. It doesn’t mean you’re ignoring the needs of others. When your needs are met and you feel good, it is easier to give back to others. Olivia Aroha Giles shares her story and how she put herself first […]